Kitchen designs

One of the most popular and common for modular kitchen designs, the U-shaped layout creates a neat space where you can walk in and start the day with a delicious cup of coffee. In this design, the hob, sink and refrigerator are placed at each apex of the triangle resulting in convinient counter space for items such as coffee makers, food processors etc.
An efficient design layout, the U-shaped kitchen is a pleasure for the cook and their company. Not only does this design allow for the primary cook to move about freely, it creates space for others to keep him or her company without getting in the way.These designs offer much space for the cabinetry and keep everything with the reach of users. They are conveniently designed with work space on all the 3 sides of the kitchen which makes it accessible and spacious. No matter what the size of the house might be, such kitchen designs are suitable for all sizes. They make it safe for consumers to function in their own kitchen, as they have a single entry and exit area. As modular kitchen designs have become an absolute style statement in the 21st century of renovating kitchens.
A U-shaped kitchen allows for more fittings, cabinets and storage space and extra designs including a kitchen island if space permits. The larger counter space can be used for efficient keeping of food items or even be converted into a dining area for small meals.

Makkana Modular Kitchen