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Modular Kitchen and Interior

We design with creativity inspired by innovation

Makkana Modular Kitchen & Interior is provide the most reliable kitchen at an affordable price

Modular Kitchen and Interior

Creating everlasting impressions through modular kitchen designs

Modular Kitchen and Interior

Impressions & Innovative

esign everlasting impressions through innovative modular kitchen styles

Our Products

Best L Shaped Kitchen in Navi Mumbai

L Shaped Kitchen

  • Adaptability is the name of the game for the L-shaped modular kitchen layout which consists of two
Best E Shaped Kitchen in Navi Mumbai

E Shaped Kitchen

  • An island adds great value to a kitchen, however, it needs a good amount of space to accomodate one.
Best U Shaped Kitchen in Navi Mumbai

U Shaped Kitchen

  • One of the most popular and common designs for modular kitchens, the U-shaped layout creates a neat
Straight Kitchen in Navi Mumbai

Straight Kitchen

  • This type of kitchen is best suited for studio apartments or small homes where space needs to have
Best Parallel Kitchen in Navi Mumbai

Parallel Kitchen

  • One of the oldest styles of modular kitchens, the parallel kitchen design is best suited for homes
 Best Island Shaped Kitchen in Navi Mumbai

Island Shaped Kitchen

Fitness Instructor

  • The ultimate in modular kitchen design, the island shaped kitchen provides great functionality and
Modular kitchen dealers in navi mumbai

Modular Kitchen & Interior - Makkana

Makkana is the one of the top Modular Kitchen designers & decorators in Kharghar, Vashi, Panvel, Nerul, Seawoods, Belapur, Navi Mumbai & Kamothe. Makkana Modular Kitchen and Interior offers you miscellaneous designs which will effortlessly amalgamate the ease of use with enhanced storage space and stability. There are various opts for you at Makkana Modular Kitchen and Interior before initiating the process of altering your kitchen. Some aspects of modular kitchen creates chaos like how much use of your kitchen gets, the amount of storage you required, which modular kitchen design will suit your kitchen etc.

Makkana Modular Kitchen and Interior assists with a consultation of innovative kitchens with the designer expert to find out various possibilities for your healthy place. The crucial part is to share the specific needs and necessities so that your modular kitchen is designed as per your inputs. The best part of altering your kitchen is, it creates a space and preserve hygiene in your kitchen. Kitchen is our centrepiece of the home, it should be well-maintained. Our designer expert will guide you with some aspects of modular kitchen and will also share the details of kitchen cabinets, possible interior configuration and many more.

Makkana Modular Kitchen and Interior’s mission is to give latest Modular Kitchen with best quality of service and satisfy the customer with their desired needs. We aim to be the best manufacturer of customizing Furniture Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living Room, and Corporate offices etc. in kharghar, Vashi, Panvel, Nerul, Seawoods, Belapur, Navi Mumbai & Kamothe. Read more...

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Modular kitchen for small space


Consult our experts with the requirement for your kitchen.

Modular kitchen for small space

Adequate Storage

Carefully & Efficiently designed for maximum utilization of space.

Modular kitchen for small space


Made with the highest quality materials to make sure your kitchen lasts longer.

Modular kitchen for small space

Value for Money

Designed to suit individual budget without compromise in quality.

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Customize makkana Kitchen in Navi mumbai

Customize Kitchen


Customize kitchen design as per your requirements.

We provide our customers exactly what they are looking for. Our team of interiors are aware of the fact that every client wants their personal touch in the look be it any space of the house.

Choose Accessories makkana Kitchen in Navi mumbai

Choose Accessories


Choose accessories, fittings & appliances.

Makkana has a variety of accessories to chose from, our clients will never have to settle for basics. With all the latest trends and innovations in the market we have designed accessories that are attractive and as per the quality standards.

Materials & Finishes in Navi mumbai

Materials & Finishes


Choose materials & finishes.

There is a huge variety of material to choose from at Makkana. We have premade quality approved units which can be set up in any area or space making it convenient for our clients

kitchen Estimate in Navi mumbai

kitchen Estimate


Freeze you kitchen Estimate.

The prices we offer at Makkana are reasonable and affordable. We do not want our clients to compromise in their dreams and hence, we offer our clients to freeze their estimate prior.

Modular kitchen manufactures in Navi mumbai

View kitchen


View your kitchen before a final order.

We give your dreams a design even before the client finalises their order with us. The reason behind this is to build trust and complete transparency with our customers.

Modular kitchen manufactures in Navi mumbai

Get materials


Get materials delivery & Kitchen installed in 3-4 days at site.

After the whole process is done, we finalise a delivery date with the client and make sure that it reaches on the given date as promised. Our team of experts assemble the material in a systematic way.